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Cloud physics instruments being installed at the Jungfraujoch site during a project to measure properties of mixed phase clouds Unusual cirrus clouds viewed from the Jungfraujoch. Airflow over the mountains is thought to have casued these unusual cloud formations Convective clouds forming over Amazonia Brazil Cloud sampling instruments installed for the hill cloud component of ACE-ASIA on Korea An ice crystal observed in a convective cloud using the Cloud Particle Imager mounted under the wing of an aircraft The Mace Head atmospheric observatory on the west coast of Ireland pictured during the NAMBLEX field project involving the Centre for Atmospheric Science The Australian Egrett aircraft pictured during the ACTIVE project in Darwin Australia The sun over the Jungfrau mountain in early evening with the Sphinx laboratory visible in the foreground Instrumentation setup to sample emissions from grassland near Braunschweig Germany Preparing for a flight on the UK research aircraft in Rio Branco Brazil Lightning over Darwin, Australia Sunset after a day of thunderstorms in Darwin Australia Students setting up a surface - atmosphere exchange measurement system on the lawn at the university in preparation for urban measurements A natural forest fire in Amazonia Brazil pictured from the air during the SAMBBA project Emissions from a coal fired power station in England Mist over a tropical forest canopy after a storm on Borneo


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COPE Project

Read about the recent COPE project in Cornwall on the NCAS website.

The Centre for Atmospheric Science studies processes important to climate change and air quality in the troposphere and lower stratosphere – the lowest 20 km of the Earth’s atmosphere. We are one of the largest such groups in UK universities, and have extensive collaborative links with leading atmospheric sciences groups world-wide. We have a strong experimental programme, with a range of state-of-the-art facilities for field and laboratory measurements. To complement the measurements we run numerical models on a variety of scales using code developed at Manchester as well as national and international standard models. The Centre for Atmospheric Science is part of the successful School of Earth and Environmental Sciences and currently consists of approximately 70 staff and postgraduate students.