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NCAS Weather

The NCAS Weather directorate conducts research on dynamical and physical processes in the atmosphere on the local and regional scale. This involves atmospheric flows ranging from building-scale turbulence up to the country-wide influence of the jetstream, cyclones, anticyclones and embedded structures that dominate the weather of the UK.  The work is organised in two broad themes: urban meteorology, pollution transport and air quality; and convective processes, severe weather and predictability. The NCAS Weather directorate is a distributed centre comprising groups at seven UK universities: Reading, Leeds, Southampton, Manchester, Lancaster, Oxford and Hertfordshire. 


NCAS Weather @ Manchester

Prof. Geraint Vaughan – NCAS Director of Observations
Prof. Vaughan's research interests are concerned with measurements of atmospheric dynamics and chemistry, and interpreting those measurements in terms of the meteorological processes involved. He oversees a programme of research on the weather across seven UK Universities. Prof Vaughan has a particular interest in active remote sensing, using light and radio waves; he is a major user of the NERC Mesosphere-Stratosphere-Troposphere radar facility near Aberystwyth, and operates a number of lidars at this site to measure profiles of ozone, aerosols and humidity. He is also responsible for mobile remote sensing instruments as part of the Atmospheric Measurement Facility, another NCAS facility.

Dr Jonny Crosier – NCAS Scientist
Dr Crosier’s research interests are concerned with the microphysical properties of clouds, specifically mixed phase and ice clouds. He participates in a host of field campaigns and also provides technical support for data processing of cloud microphysical instrumentation. Dr Crosier has significant experience in shadow imaging of ice particles, and has developed commercially available software for processing such data. Much of his research is conducted on the UK Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurement (FAAM), frequently in conjunction with remote sensing measurements from the Chilbolton Facility for Atmospheric and Radio Research (CFARR).

Dr Hugo Ricketts – NCAS Scientist
Dr Ricketts’ research interests lie in the area of boundary layer structure. He is responsible for operating lidar systems in different environments on both ground sites and also airborne platforms. He was directly involved in measuring the structure of the Eyjafjallajökull ash plume as it passed over the UK. Dr Ricketts is involved in the development of new lidar systems, such as a night-time temperature lidar, as well as developing analysis tools and procedures for lidar systems.

Miss Julie Samson – Secretary
Miss Samson administers much of NCAS Weather's activities. She also organises project meetings and workshops as needed.


NCAS Activities

Major projects currently being undertaken by NCAS Weather with Manchester involvement include:
ClearfLo, a project to study the urban boundary layer and air pollution in London.
DIAMET, a project to study diabatic process in cyclones.
COPE, a project to improve the analysis and forecasting of storms.
CAST, a joint project with NASA to study convective transport in the tropics
ACCACIA, a project to study aerosol/cloud processes in the Arctic


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