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Manchester to host the 2011 European Aerosol Conference

Manchester is to host the European Aerosol Conference (EAC) in August 2011. The EAC takes place at this time every year and is the major European conference in this area drawing a large number of scientists from Europe and around the world. This year's EAC was held in Thessaloniki, Greece and was attended by approximately 700 scientists from 40 countries. This year topics included: Aerosol based nanotechnology; Aerosol chemistry; Aerosol filtration; Aerosol instrumentation; Aerosol modeling; Aerosol standards; Atmospheric aerosols; Bioaerosols; Combustion aerosols; Electrical effects; Fundamental aerosol physics; Health aspects of aerosols; High temperature aerosols; Indoor aerosols; Industrial aerosols; Medical aerosols and nanoparticles; PMx and Radioactive aerosols. Special sessions were held on: Aerosols and cultural heritage; Atmospheric aerosols in the cryosphere; Biomass/Biofuel Aerosols; Engine particulate emission control; Interaction of aerosol particles with the Atmosphere from the regional to the global scale. Further details of this years EAC can be found here.