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CAS Seminars 2010

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21.01.2010 Mike Cubison (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA): Lagrangian(-esque) case studies of the evolution of aerosol composition from boreal fire plumes during the ARCTAS campaign

04.02.2010 David Schultz: All About Me: Meteorology, Eloquence, and Rejection

10.02.2010 Douglas Low: 1-D Modelling of Halogens in the Polluted Marine Boundary Layer

17.02.2010 Charles Chemel (NCAS Weather, University of Hertfordshire): Hierarchical modelling of tropical convection

19.02.2010 Curtis Wood (University of Reading): Observing London's Climate

24.02.2010 Claire Martin: Aerosols in Manchester, and other stories

03.03.2010 Kimberley Leather: Alkene Ozonolysis: Product and Kinetic Studies

10.03.2010 Richard Kift: Vitamin D levels and UV exposure in the Manchester population

17.03.2010 Geoffrey Smith (University of Georgia, Atlanta, USA): Laboratory studies ofO3, OH and NO3 update kinetics by organic aerosols

24.03.2010 Clive Saunders: Thunderstorm Studies

31.03.2010 Gavin McMeeking: Carbon is the new black: Recent measurements of black carbon aerosol over Europe (and other stuff too)

14.04.2010 David Schultz: Cold Fronts: The Unknown Knowns