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Centre for Atmospheric Science

Cloud Physics Research Methods

Information about the methods used for Cloud Physics research can be found by following the links below.

BAE 146 aircraft

Aircraft studies

Studies of a range of cloud types and processes, with a particular focus on ice phase clouds. These studies utilise the FAAM 146 aircraft and other aircraft platforms and are carried out in the UK and around the world.


ACE-2 summit site

Ground Based studies

Hill and mountain top measurements of warm, mixed phase and ice phase orographic, stratiform and frontal clouds. These studies include single and multiple site experiments.


lab chain aggregate

Lab studies

Laboratory studies of cloud properties with a particular focus on ice crystal nucleation and thunderstorm electrification using our own and international laboratory facilities.


cpi calibration

Instrument development and testing

Including laboratory and field based instrument testing and characterisation to understand the limitations of and improve the data quality from our instrumentation. Development of software for data logging and processing collected data.

CRM Hector


Modelling studies of cloud and regional scale processes using code developed at Manchester and elsewhere. These studies are critical in interpreting data from field measurement campaigns.