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Cloud Physics Research - Current Topics

Currently pages exist describing the following topics:

Light Scattering

Light Scattering by Ice Crystals

Cloud chamber studies of light scattering by ice crystals.


Crystal formation

Ice Crystal Formation

Clouc chamber studies of ice crystal formation by heterogeneous nucleation.


Crystal aggregation

Ice crystal aggregation

Cloud chamber studies to quantify ice crystal aggregation as a function of cloud temperature.


Fall speed

Fall speed of small ice crytals

Chamber studies to test theoretical predictions of ice crystal fall speed. This is important in determining the radiative effects of such cyrstals.


Additional pages describing the following topics will be added soon:

Electrification of thunderstorms and how this will be affected by changes in cloud properties resulting from global warming.

The onset of glaciation in convective systems

Initiation of convective storms and the prediction of when and where they will occur especially over complex terrain

The effect of aerosol on tropical convective storms

The effect of anthropogenic pollution on marine stratocumulus cloud

Aerosol – cloud interaction in cirrus clouds

Heterogeneous ice nucleation – which aerosol act as ice nuclei

Ice nucleating properties of soot and desert dust

Interaction of pollution with ice and mixed phase clouds

Radiative properties of warm polluted continental clouds