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Manchester Monitoring - UV and Ozone

GUV-541 radiometer. Manchester UV monitoring.
GUV-541 radiometer. Manchester UV monitoring.

Monitoring at Manchester is based on the rooftop laboratory of the Pariser Building. We monitor column ozone with a Mark III Brewer (double monochromator), and spectral UV irradiance (290 to 363 nm) with the same instrument. Further UV measurements are made with a Biospherical GUV-541 multifilter instrument and a Kipp and Zonen UV-S-AE-T broadband radiometer. The GUV-541 has 5 channels of bandwidth ~ 10 nm, centred at 305, 313, 320, 340 and 380 nm. All channels are sampled almost simultaneously. The Kipp and Zonen measures erythemal UV radiation i.e. the instrument has a response spectrum like that for erythema (sunburn). The radiation suite is completed by a solarimeter for total solar radiation.The GUV-541 has been in operation since 1997, the Brewer since 2000.

Reading Monitoring - UV and Ozone

A UV and ozone monitoring site is also hosted at Reading University, where UV irradiance measurements have been in routine operation since 1992. Measurements were originally made with an Optronic 742 spectroradiometer but we now use a temperature stabilised Bentham DM150 scanning spectroradiometer (FWHM = 1.0 nm, 290 to 500 nm at 0.5 nm intervals). The instrument is located on the meteorological site in the campus parkland, also a UKMO climate station.

Ozone is measured with a Mark IV Brewer (single monochromator) located on the roof of the Meteorology building. The site has been in full operation since 2000 and has replaced the monitoring with Dobson at Camborne.

This monitoring activity is supported by DEFRA. Data is submitted to the European UV database, the World Ozone and Ultraviolet Data Centre of WMO and netcen.