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ACID-PRUF Kickoff Meeting 13th December 2011


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location: University of Manchester, Renolds Building, D5
time: 13h December 2011, 11:30 - 17:00
organised by: Rami Alfarra (UMan)   email: rami.alfarra@manchester.ac.uk    Gordon McFiggans (UMan) email: g.mcfiggans@manchester.ac.uk


11:00 Welcome & Coffee

11:30 Introduction to ACID-PRUF: Gordon McFiggans lead

11:45 WP1 Aerosol Interactions with Liquid Water: Rami Alfarra lead
                (Contributions from: UBris, UMan, ULeeds, UYork*, ULeic, UCam)
                Rami Alfarra (UMan): WP introduction and updates on activities within ST2 & ST3
                Jonathan Ried (UBris): Mass accommodation of water
                David Topping (UMan): Revisiting the link between particle size and composition
                Ben Murray (ULeeds): Using Raman microscopy to probe hygroscopic properties of droplets
                Iain White (ULeic): Real-time gas-phase analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds
                Markus Kalberer (UCam): Elucidation of SOA molecular composition using alternative ionisation techniques for high resolution mass spectrometry
12:35 WP2 Ice Nucleation and Microphysics: Paul Connolly lead
                (Contributions from: UMan, ULeeds, UHerts, UCam)
                Paul Connolly (UMan): WP introduction
                Chris Emersic (UMan) - ST1, ST2, ST3 and ST5
                Georg Ritter (UHerts) - ST4
                Ben Murray / Hannah Price (ULeeds) - ST1 and ST2
                Markus Kalberer / Francis Pope (UCam) - ST1

13:25 Lunch

13:55 WP3 Process and Cloud Resolving Modelling: Alan Blyth lead
                (Contributions from: UMan, ULeeds, UHerts, Met Office)
                Alan Blyth (ULeeds): WP introduction
                Paul Connolly (UMan): ST1
                Alan Blyth (ULeeds) & Joseph Ulanowski (UHerts): ST2
                Florent Malavelle (Met Office): ST3

14:45 WP4 Large-Scale Modelling: Philip Stier lead
                Contributions from: UOx, UExeter, ULeeds, Met Office
                Philip Stier (UOx): WP4 Introduction
                Philip Stier (UOx): Current state of sub-grid representation of updrafts in HadGEM-UKCA
                Paul Connolly (UMan): Exploratory studies on ice nucleation: quasi-steady       supersaturation theory
                (MetOffice/Exeter update on sub-grid pdfs presented by Florent Malevelle in WP3)

15.35 WP5 Quantification of uncertainty: Ken Carslaw lead
                Contributions from all.

16:25 Integration: Discussion Gordon McFiggans lead
                Contributions from all.

17:00 Close of meeting

18:30 Dinner