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ACID-PRUF Annual Science Meeting 2012


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Location: Thursday (Entrance Hall (C1), Sackville Street Building, Sackville Street)
Friday (Room 6, Manchester Conference Centre, Sackville Street)
Time: 22 Nov 2012, 13:30 – 18:00 & 23 Nov 2012, 09:00 – 16:30
Organised by:   Rami Alfarra (UMan)   email: rami.alfarra@manchester.ac.uk    Gordon McFiggans (UMan) email: g.mcfiggans@manchester.ac.uk

Thursday 22 Nov 2012
10:00 – 12:30 Management Meeting – Room 1.06, Simon building, Brunswick street, The University of Manchester (Project PI, Project International Advisor, WP Leaders)

Thursday 22 Nov 2012
Meeting will be held in Entrance Hall (C1), Sackville Street Building, Sackville Street, The University of Manchester
13:30 Welcome & Introduction: Gordon McFiggans
WP2 Ice Nucleation and Microphysics: Paul Connolly lead
13:40 Paul Connolly: Introduction to WP2
13:45 Kelly Baustian: Heterogeneous ice nucleation by a range of natural dusts
14:00 Cédric Chou: Experiments and modelling of ice crystal roughness
14:15 Gary Lloyd/Tom Choularton: Preliminary investigations into secondary ice multiplication during riming
14:30 Haijie Tong: Contact Freezing of Single Levitated, Supercooled Droplets
14:45 David Topping: The effect of co-condensation of organic vapours on cloud activation potential and cloud droplet number
15:00 Coffee
15:30 Christopher Emersic: Laboratory investigations of the potential for ice nucleation by secondary organic aerosol
15:50 WP2 Open discussion

WP3 Process and Cloud Resolving Modelling: Alan Blyth lead
16:10 Alan Blyth: Overview and links to WP1 & WP2
16:20 Paul Connolly: The deposition coefficient for ice: laboratory measurements and modelling
16:40 Zhiqiang Cui: Model sensitivity studies of Hallett-Mossop process
17:00 Huiyi Yang: Model sensitivity study to Immersion Freezing schemes
17:15 Steven Dobbie: Future plans
17:30 WP3 Open discussion
17:50 End of day 1

18:30 Dinner at Zouk Restaurant

Friday 23 Nov 2012
Meeting will be held in Conference Room 6, Manchester Conference Centre, Weston Building, Sackville Street
WP1 Aerosol Interactions with Liquid Water: Rami Alfarra lead
09:00 Rami Alfarra: Introduction to WP1
09:05 Rachael Miles: Effect of surface and bulk composition on the kinetics of water transport
09:25 Hannah Price/Benjamin Murray: Quantifying diffusion coefficients of water in glassy organic droplets
09:45 Rami Alfarra: Smog chamber studies of biogenic and anthropogenic SOA
10:05 Iain White: Gas Phase measurements of VOCs during the ACIDPRUF chamber studies
10:25 Richard Lidster: Investigation of the detailed composition of SOA during ACID-PRUF
10:45 WP1 Open discussion
11:05 coffee
WP4 Large-Scale Modelling: Philip Stier lead
11:35 Philip Stier: Overview of WP4
11:40 Daniel Partridge: The mass accommodation coefficient of water: Impact of parametric uncertainty on droplet activation
12:00 Florent Malavelle: Cloud-aerosol interactions: role of the sub-grid scale updraft velocity in km-scale models
12:20 Paul Connolly: A parameterisation of the effect of semi-volatile organic compounds on cloud condensation nuclei
12:40 WP4 Open discussion

13:00 Lunch
WP5 Quantification of uncertainty: Ken Carslaw lead
14:00 Ken Carslaw: WP5 - Assessment of model uncertainty
14:30 WP5 Open discussion
15:15 coffee
15:45 Integration: Discussion Gordon McFiggans lead
16:30 Close of meeting