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CityFlux Measurements 2005

University of Manchester:
Experimental Phase One involved direct particle flux measurements at several locations in Manchester. Two rooftop sites were set up at opposite ends of Deansgate, one of central Manchester's busiest roads - a ~ 1 km long straight street canyon, which also has high pedestrian use. At each site two sonic anemometers were deployed - one at roof level and one overhanging the roof into the canyon space. Grimm 1.108 particle spectrometers were deployed to measured particle concentrations and fluxes. At one site (Maybrook House) further measurements were made using fast spectrometers (ASASP-X, 2 Hz, 0.1 - 3 microns and FSSP-100, 1 Hz, 2 - 32 microns). NOx measurements were also being made at this site to provide a tracer for traffic emissions. A sonic anemometer, CPC, Grimm 1.108 and Li-Cor CO2 and H2O analyser have also been deployed at the top of an 80 m tower (Portland Tower). Detailed analysis of the chemical and physical characteristics of urban air were being made at the Group's base in Whitworth Street, using DMPS, AMS, TDLAS and HTDMA. A vertical profile of particle size distributions was made at this location using Grimm spectrometers. Finally, concentrations and fluxes of NO2, NH3 and HCHO were measured at the Mason Centre, where a Present Weather Sensor and mini SODAR are also based.

CEH Edinburgh:
The CEH team measured composition and size segregated fluxes with the AMS at 88 m above the city of Goteborg, Sweden in February. Further measurements were made at Nelson's Monument on Calton Hill in Edinburgh, Scotland in December. See CEH webpages.

Manchester CityFlux Sites.

Simplified map of Manchester City Center, showing CITYFLUX site.
Simplified map of Manchester City Center, showing CITYFLUX site. Showing phase 1 only (June/July 2005)