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REPARTEE (Regent’s Park and Tower Environmental Experiment).

Regent's Park from BT Tower and BT Tower from Regent's Park (photographs: Ian Longley).
Regent’s Park from BT Tower and BT Tower from Regent’s Park (photographs: Ian Longley).

REPARTEE (Regent’s Park and Tower Environmental Experiment) was carried out by the CityFlux team of the University of Manchester and CEH Edinburgh with collaboration by the University of Birmingham and additional work from University of Bristol and University of York. The project sites were situated in London through 25th September to 31st October and involved equipment placed at Regent’s Park and BT Tower.

University of Manchester:

A large sea container at Regent’s Park contained a MAAP, SMPS, CPC 3776, ToFAMS, DMPS, Grimm, UHSAS and APS. Adjacent to the container, a scaffold tower held a 10m high inlet pipe feeding into the container and a co-located sonic anemometer. At the BT Tower, a CPC 3010 in conjunction with a sonic anemometer gave eddy covariant fluxes from 189m above the city.

CEH Edinburgh:

The CEH team had many instruments at the BT Tower site measuring fluxes and concentrations. The CEH truck was located at the Regent’s Park site for the majority of the campaign, with a number of excursions measuring at many different locations around the city including Marylebone Road and the M25 ring road. For further details, see CEH webpages.

University of Birmingham:

The Birmingham team had instruments at both Regent’s Park and BT Tower including multiple SMPS, APS, MOUDI and Partisol. For further details, see University of Birmingham webpages.

University of Bristol:

A second campaign of tracer release experiments were carried out using bases at the BT Tower in additional to many other citywide sites. University of Bristol website. (http://www.chm.bris.ac.uk/acrg/pro_frame.htm)


Manchester Equipment:

Regent’s Park (10m):
Gill Solent R3 sonic
CPC 3776
Grimm 1.108

BT Tower (189m):
CPC 3010

SMPS, CPC, UHSAS and AMS on BT Tower (photographs: Claire Martin).
SMPS, CPC, UHSAS and AMS on BT Tower (photographs: Claire Martin).