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CLACE-4 Project Instruments and Data - Airborne Droplet Analyser

The Airborne Droplet Analyser
The Airborne Droplet Analyser installed at the Jungfraujoch.
Logging screen for the ADA
Airbourne Droplet Analyser logging screen. Screen shows a droplet distribution being measured. ADA measures both droplet diameter and velocity, and is not aspirated. The probe suffers some interference from sunlight, but with proper settings this is rejected. The sunlight interference can be seen on the Intensity Validation plot as the red line along the bottom of the plot. ADA is able to reject ice particles based on their lack of sphericicty, so the distribution shown should be all spherical particles. Unlike the other droplet probes (FSSP and CDP) ADA saves the data for individual particles, even those it rejects based on the intensity validation settings. This allows detailed post processing of the data after the project, and the extraction of additional information such as the frequency distribution of droplets in the cloud, on very short timescales.

Further information about the Airborne Droplet Analyser.