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This database compiles details of field campaigns involving the Centre for Atmospheric Science over the last two decades, including campaigns carried out entirely by personnel from CAS, along with those involving collaboration with other institutions at both a national and international level. It is intended for use as an index to available datasets, providing background information on each project together with a description of the type of data acquired and the methods used.  To assist with navigation of the database, the fields used are explained below, along with descriptions of how data is categorised within fields and examples of searchable terms.  The search facility on the following page enables the retrieval of relevant records, or can be used to access a complete, chronological list of current records if no search terms are defined.  Specific searches return an overview of relevant projects, describing a number of key details. Each returned record can then be expanded to view full details of the project. These include contact details for project co-ordinators for instances where further information is required, along with links to dedicated project websites (where available) and locations of project datasets. For the majority of projects in the database, this location will be on the CAS server, which is only accessible internally. However, datasets for certain projects are held externally, for example with the British Atmospheric Data Centre.  In some instances, additional data may be held by collaborating institutions, with specific arrangements detailed on corresponding project websites.

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