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Project Database - Database field definitions.

Project Title Acronym/shortened name used in reference to project
Full Name Full project name
Overview Brief description of project aims and objectives
Co-ordinator Project co-ordinator/main CAS contact
Staff Additional CAS staff involved
Contact Co-ordinator/CAS contact email
Year Years measurements taken
Duration Dates of field campaigns
Lat/Lon Co-ordinates of main field sites/airbases/ports
Country Countries in which measurements were taken (including flight paths)
Setting Environment in which measurements were taken (urban/remote/marine/coastal/atmospheric setting and plume conditions)
Focus Specific research area focus of project (aerosols/gases/clouds/fluxes)
Platform Platforms used in data acquisition (aircraft/ship/ground-based)
Sampling Sampling frequency (continous/hourly/daily) or number of flights
Instruments Instruments used during field campaign (common acronyms or model numbers)
Target Species Species measured (aerosol types/precursors/photooxidants/trace gases)
Data Type Type of data acquired (size distribution/number concentration/mass concentration/chemical composition/growth factor/CCN number/BC content/trace gas concentrations)
Uncertainties Uncertainties associated with data
Status Status of project (active/complete)
Website Project website address
Dataset Location of project datasets