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Pollution of the Urban Midlands Atmosphere (PUMA) Project


The PUMA project involved intensive measurement campaigns in the Summer of 1999 and Winter of 1999/2000, in which a wide variety of air pollutants were measured in the UK West Midlands conurbation. The specific project objectives were as follows:

The Centre for Atmospheric Science's Involvement in PUMA

The Manchester PUMA team pictured with the Cessna aircraft
The Manchester PUMA team consisting of Dr Keith Bower, Dr Ian Stromberg, and Dr Rachel Burgess pictured with the Cessna aircraft used in the study. Dr Stromberg was also the pilot of the aircraft.

The centre's instrumented Cessna aircraft was used to complement the PUMA ground based measurements by making airborne measurements of a range of pollutants around the measurement area. In total nine measurement flights were made during the summer 1999 campaign, and seven measurement flgihts were made during the winter 1999/2000 campaign. Typical flight plans consisted of a square box pattern centred on the Birmingham area. These measurements had the following objectives:

These airborne measurements provided a direct comparison of the properties of the airmass upstream and downstream of the West Midlands conurbation under a variety of meteorological conditions, and also aided in the interpretation of data from localised ground based measurements. Additionally as the aircraft was also equipped to make turbulence measurements, turbulent fluxex of pollutants originating from the conurbation were calculated.