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PUMA Project - Aircraft Instrumentation

For the PUMA project, the Cessna was equipped with the following instruments:

All these instruments, along with aircraft parameters such as position, alititude, air speed, temperature etc., were logged to the on-board data aquisition system. During the PUMA project the aircraft operated from it's home base at Woodford airfield. The two person crew consisted of the pilot and a scientific observer to monitor the instruments, and make observations of the general conditions experienced during the flight.


Instruments installed on the Cessna for PUMA

Instruments mounted on the Cessna aircraft for the PUMA project
Instruments in the rear of the Cessna cabin, showing the LMA-4, LiCor 6262, TSI 3010, Mitchel Hygrometer and the data aquisition system.
ASASP-X Installed on the Cessna
The Active Scattering Aerosol Spectrometer Probe mounted beneath the main instrument shelf in the rear of the Cessna cabin.
KT19 Installed on the Cessna
The KT19 Infra-red surface temperature thermometer mounted on the cabin floor so as to look directly down through a hole in the floor.
UMIST 5-hole turbulence probe installed under the wing of the Cessna
The UMIST 5-hole turbulence probe mounted under the wing of the aircraft. Measurements are actually taken at the tip of the long boom protruding from the front of the instrument. This is to ensure that the turbulence measurements are not affected by any disturbance caused by the aircraft itself.