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Research Tools

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Aerosol Chamber lights

Aerosol Chamber

The aerosol chamber is a major facility for the study of the formation and evolution of aerosol particles in a controlled environment representative of the real atmosphere


Construction of the Manchester cloud chamber

Cloud Chamber

A 10m high fall chamber able to simulate atmospheric conditions up to the lower stratosphere used for the study of cloud particles, thunderstorm electrification and instrument evaluation.


Holme Moss field station

Field stations

Field stations operated or used by the Centre for Atmospheric Science for long term measurements and intensive deployments.
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The Centre for Atmospheric Science has a suite of state of the art instruments which support our research activities. Some of these are described in more detail in these pages.

Cloud Chamber Lab


The Centre for Atmospheric Science has a suite of newly constructed well equipped labs located in the Simon Engineering Building. These include major cloud and aerosol chamber facilities.

Output of a model representing a Hector storm


A range of models are employed to simulate cloud and aerosol processes in the atmosphere over a wide range of scales.

Whitworth Observatory

Whitworth Meteorological Observatory

A state of the art meteorological observatory located on the university campus in central Manchester. Real time data from this observatory is displayed on these web pages.

Manchester Air Quality Supersite

Manchester Air Quality Supersite (MAQS)

Located at the Firs Environmental Research Station, Fallowfield Campus. MAQS is one of the largest research stations in the UK dedicated to air quality research. Real time data from the supersite is available on these pages.