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Centre for Atmospheric Science

Performance and capability

Manchester Cessna

The CAS Cessna 182J, equipped with sophisticated turbulence, trace gas, aerosol and cloud microphysics instrumentation to make a wide range of atmospheric boundary layer measurements.

Registration: G-AVCV

Callsign: G-AVCV


Cruise speed: 55 ms-1

Speed range: 35-70 ms-1

1400 km - no reserve fuel

Endurance: 5 hours at cruise speed

Ceiling: 4000 m at typical payload

Wing span: 11.0 m

Wing chord (geom. mean): 1.37 m

Wing area: 15.0 m2

Wing aspect ratio: 8.0

Scientific payload: 130 kg

Electrical Power: 28 V dc at 100 A/115 V ac at 1000 W

Maximum weight: 1275 kg

Operational base: Liverpool Airport

Pilot: Dr. I. M. Stromberg / Dr. A. R. Webb