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Manchester Air Quality Super Site - Archive Plots

When viewing the archive plots on this site, please be aware of the following limitations:

Logging of a limited set of data started on 18th December 2018. At this time the instruments were located in Room 2.10 of the Simon Building adjacent to the air quality instruments belonging to the Whitworth Observatory. The parameters measured at this time were: Ozone; Oxides of Nitrogen; Carbon Monoxide; Carbon Dioxide; Methane; Ammonia; Fine Particle Number Concentration; Fine Particle Size Distribution; Particulate Carbon; and Non Refractory Particulate Mass. Not all instruments were started at the same time, and not all data is available as plots on this site.

On 30th January 2019 several instruments were moved to temporary acommodation at the Fallowfield Site: Ozone; Oxides of Nitrogen and Particulate Carbon.

In June 2019 logging in the new Fallowfield facility started over a period of several days. Logging in the temporary acommodation stopped on 6th June and logging in the Simon Building on 12th June. There are gaps in the data series while the instruments were moved and installed in the new location.

All plotted data should be considered as preliminary data, calibrations available at the time of measurement have been applied where possible, but no further corrections from site audits or any other quality controls have been applied to the data shown. Further information is available on request.

Data is available for the following years, plots can be browsed according to date.