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Portable Radio Sonde Instrument

Portable radio sonde instrument being launched
Portable radio sonde instrument being launched.

The Vaisala Radio-sounding RS90-AG attaches to a weather balloon and measures temperature, pressure, humidity and wind speed.


Spring/Summer 2002 UTLS ozone project, 'ozone and water vapour measuremnts in the tropopause region', Aberystwyth.

Winter 2003 HIBISCUS, Brazil.

Ongoing, Water vapour lidar calibration.

Specifications of radiosonde RS90-AG

Temperature accuracy (±0.25 K)
Presure accuracy (±0.75 mb)
Humidity accuracy (±3 %)
Wind speed accuracy (±0.2 ms-1)


Tephigram from the 14/07/04



The Portable Radio Sonde is supported by the NCAS Facility for Ground-based Atmospheric Measurement (FGAM).