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Centre for Atmospheric Science

Remote Sensing Instruments

FGAM Ozone and Aerosol LiDAR

Ozone and Aerosol LiDAR

Lidar is short for Light Detection and Ranging, a remote sensing technique that uses laser light in much the same way that sonar uses sound, or radar uses radio waves.

FGAM Wind Profiler

Radar Wind Profiler

The University Facility for Atmospheric Measurements (FGAM) mobile wind profiler is a 'clear-air' UHF Doppler radar system designed by Degreane Horizon to measure both wind speed and direction 24 hours a day under all weather conditions.

SAOZ Instrument

SAOZ Instrument

Is a zenith sky UV-visible spectrometer, which is used to retrieve mean values of total ozone and nitrogen dioxide, both at sunrise and sunset on a daily basis.