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Mobile Lab Facilities

Aerosol instruments installed in the sea container mobile lab.
Aerosol instruments including the TOF-AMS, CCN, DMPS, SP2 and MAAP installed in the sea container mobile laboratory during a field experiment at Holme Moss near Manchester.

The Centre for Atmospheric Science has several custom built mobile lab facilities, consisting of three van trailers, a large caravan, and a converted sea container. These labs are all fitted out with electrics and in some cases additional facilities such as racks, benches, cupboards and a sink. The sea container is also fitted out with air conditioning, lightning protection, ethernet (including wireless), a satellite communications system and plumbing for compressed air and vacuum, and an aerosol inlet. Portable air conditioning units are available for use in the trailers and caravan. A large amount of general field equipment such as compressors, vacuum pumps, backup power supplies, a generator, masts etc. is also available to support field deployment. The mobile laboratories provide flexible convenient work space suitable for use in small or large projects. Two of the van trailers and the sea container are FGAM funded facilities and are described in more detail on the following pages: sea container; van trailer. To support the deployment of these facilities and other field activities the centre operates two four wheel drive vehicles. Deployment of the sea container is generally handled by a local transport company.

These facilities have been used to support a large number of field projects, with the trailers having mainly been used for UK or European based projects. The sea container has been used on projects around the UK and Europe, two ship cruises, and the OP3 project in Malaysian Borneo.