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Container Lab

Photograph of the Sea Container mobile lab
The Sea Container mobile lab during the NAMBLEX project, at Mace Head, Ireland, during August and September 2002.


Make and Model: Standard ISO 20' Sea Container, supplied and converted by Lendon Containers Ltd

External Dimensions - Container
Length: 6058mm / 20'
Width: 2438mm / 8'
Height: 2591mm / 8' 6"

External Dimensions - Doors
Width: 2300mm / 7' 6"
Height: 2270mm / 7' 5"

External layout is per standard 20' container ie double doors at one end, the only modification being cut outs for air conditioning, and power inlet. Internal layout consists of two compartments separated by a steel bulkhead. The first compartment is immediately inside the double doors, and is unlined. The second compartment behind the bulkhead takes up the remaining space in the container and is lined.

Internal Dimensions - Compartment 1
Note that this compartment contains power box, and airconditiong units, and cylinder storage, so full space cannot be used when shipping.

Width: 2330mm / 7' 7"
Length: 914mm / 3'
Height: 2365mm / 7' 9"

Internal Dimensions - Compartment 2
Note that this area has some small protrusions into the space given below, such as lights, dado trunking, and the power distribution board.

Width: 2190mm / 7' 2"
Length: 4830mm / 15' 10"
Height: 2300mm / 7' 6"

Internal Dimensions - Bulkhead Doors

Width: 1300mm / 4' 3"
Height: 2000mm / 6' 6"


Unladen Weight: 4300Kg

Note that the weight of this container, especially when loaded, is rather higher than can be lifted using a standard hiab lorry. There are lorry's available with larger lifting capacities, just don't forget to tell the transport company the weight of the container when ordering transport.


Photographs of the Sea Container mobile lab
The NAMBLEX project, at Mace Head, Ireland. The sea container was used to house the UMIST DMPS, SMPS, AMS, HTDMA, and Birmingham ATOFMAS.

Other Information

The sea container is permenantly equipped with the follwoing additional facilities:

Heavy Duty Electrical Distribution System:
3-phase or Single Phase Input to power all outlets
Total Distribution Capacity 180A (3-phase) or 60A (Single Phase)
Current and Voltage monitoring on each phase
Three Internal Ring Mains and one external ring main (waterproof sockets) each with RCD protection (Motor rated, 30mA trip)
3 x 32A Industrial Sockets + 3 x 16A industrial Sockets + 1 x 32A/phase Three Phase Industrial Socket all with individual RCD protection (Motor rated, 30mA trip)

Fixed Air Conditioning Unit - Heating or Cooling, thermostatic inverter control, cooling capacity 5KW, power consumption 2KW

Ethernet wiring - 10 connection points to 100Mbit hubs with uplink capability.

Cable entry ports

Gas Cylinder Storage outside bulkhead (for two cylinders)

Compressed air distribution system

Isokinetic inlet system (internal subsampling pipe work), designed for representative sampling of aerosol in the 3 - 800nm size range

Security Features including lockable external doors, steel bulkhead doors with steel lockbar, steel window shutters on door windows

Emergency escape hatch to marine specifications

External door retaining system (holds doors open at specific positions)

Optional equipment is also available as follows:

Compressor: Jun-Air model 2XOF302-40B - displacement 110l/min at 4 bar, max pressure 8 bar, power consumption 0.9KW

Vacuum Pumps: 2 x 300lpm at 450mbar pumps, max vacuum 150mbar, power consumption 0.75KW each

External flat pack pump enclosure capable of housing the above pumps

Power Protection Equipment:
3KVA Constant Voltage Transformer
10KVA UPS Capacity (2x3KVA + 2x2KVA units)

Tables, 19" Racks, Chairs

External Inlet Stack, compatible with internal distribution system, max inlet height 20m, two height autosampling possible. A supporting tower is required to use this inlet to it's full height.

Pole mounted external inlet, half inch turbulent flow design, with 4um sharp cut cyclone. Max inlet height 6m.

Lightening conduction system and surge protection for power supply lines.

Sea Container Project Involvement

The full 20m aerosol inlet system installed on a tower during the NAMBLEX project at MACE Head.
The full 20m aerosol inlet system installed on a tower during the NAMBLEX project at MACE Head. The image shows detail of the inlet.
This photo gives a sense of perspective. The sea container mobile lab is situated just behind the tower to the right of the white container, which can be seen on the image.


THe Container Lab is supported by the NCAS Facility for Ground-based Atmospheric Measurement (FGAM).