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Tow-a-van Lab

The Tow-a-van mobile lab during the NAMBLEX project, Mace Head, Ireland.
The Tow-a-van mobile lab during the NAMBLEX project, Mace Head, Ireland. During August and September 2002.


Make and Model
Indespension Model 480HS Custom

Internal Dimensions
Length: 3000mm / 9' 10"
Width: 1800mm / 5' 11"
Height: 1950mm / 6' 5"
Volume: 11 cubic meters

External Dimensions
Length (including towing gear): 4590mm / 15' 1"
Maximum Width: 2300mm / 7' 8"
Height: 2495mm / 9' 1"
Height of floor above ground: 425mm / 1' 5"
Doors: Double Van type doors
Total Length including vehicle (Land Rover Discovery): 10045mm / 30'

Unladen Weight: 750Kg
Gross Weight: 3500Kg
Carrying Capacity: 2750Kg
Recommended Maximum Weight when towed by Land Rover Discovery: 1800Kg
Recommended Maximum Carrying Capacity when towed by Land Rover Discovery: 1050Kg

Other Information

The tow-a-van is permenantly equipped with the follwoing additional facilities:

Mains electrical installation - total power distribution 32A, including internal ring mains, lights, and 1 industrial 16A socket. Power inlet is via 1 industrial 32A plug.

Ethernet wiring - 4 connection points to 100Mbit hub with uplink capability.

External Storage Box mounted on A-frame

Cable entry ports

Air sampling port in the roof, which supports 1", 1/2", and 2 x 1/4" tubes, including optional 1" coated quartz sampling stack, to sample sticky gases at a height of 1m above the roof.

Internal 12V light (if vehicle electrical connection supports it)

Internal Load Securing Rails

Security Features including hitch lock, reinforced roof and pad lock on doors

Internal view of the tow-a-van lab
The lab during the NAMBLEX project. Used to house the ADA laser and data system, power and data systems for the FSSP, four sonic anemometers, two rotators and the main data archiving computer for all UMIST equipment.

Optional equipment is also available as follows:

Portable Air Conditioner - cooling power 6000BTU / 1.75KW, power consumption 0.75KW, refrigerant R-22 / HCFC 22 (380g), weight 32.5Kg

Tables, Racks, UPS etc (see sea container lists)

Wheel Clamp


For information on safe towing try the following links:

National Trailer and Towing Association

RAC Towing Tips


Tow-a-Van Project Involvement

The Tow-a-Van Lab is supported by the NCAS Facility for Ground-based Atmospheric Measurement (FGAM).