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Dr Andrew Smedley

Dr Andrew Smedley


Msc Natural Sciences (Cambridge) 1998, PhD Spectral Scattering of Cloud Types (UMIST) 2003

Room Number: 2.11 [Simon Building]
Tel: +44 (0)161 306 8770
Email: andrew.smedley@manchester.ac.uk


Professional biography


  • INSPECTRO: All sky imaging of the atmosphere - data maintenance, back-up and analysis (Feb - Sep 2003).
  • SUNALL: Collation and analysis of European UV data (Nov - Dec 2004).
  • UV & OZONE MONITORING: Instrument and data maintenance at Manchester and Reading (Oct 2003 - present).
  • QinetiQ: UVC radiative transfer modelling in the lower atmosphere (Sep 2007 - Feb 2008).


External Positions Held

  • CIE Division 6 Secretary


Conference proceedings

  • Bais A., Blumthaler M., Webb A., Seckmeyer G., Thiel S., Kazadzis S., Redondas A., Kift R., Kouremeti N., Schallhart B., Schmitt R., Pisulla D., Diaz J. P., Garcia O., Diaz Rodriguez A.M. and Smedley A. (2005) Intercomparison of solar UV direct irradiance spectral measurements at Izana in June 2005. Proceedings of SPIE 5886, 1-10.
  • Johnsen B., Kjeldstad B., Aalerud T. N., Nilsen L. T., Schreder J., Blumthaler M., Bernhard G., Bagheri A., Bhattarai B., Topaloglou C., Zablocki G., Meinander O., Høiskar B. A., Haugen R., Durham W. S., Janson, G., Marrero A. R., Dahlback, A., Bolsée, D., Slusser, J. R., Stamnes, J., Torres, C., Smedley A. R. D., Paulsson L.-E., Lakkala, K., Webb, A. R., Ørbæk J. B., Grimenes A. A., Ringstad T., Lange T., Josefsson W. (2006) International intercomparison of multiband filter radiometers in Oslo 2005. Proceedings of SPIE 6362, 63620W.

Specific research interests

Solar radiation in the atmosphere: observations, instruments and models


  • Smedley A. R. D., Rimmer J. S., Moore D., Toumi R., Webb A. R. (2010) Total ozone and surface UV trends in the United Kingdom: 1979 to 2008. I J Clim DOI: 10.1002/joc.2275
  • Lindfors A., Tanskanen A., Arola A., van der A R., Bais A., Feister U., Janouch M., Josefsson W., Koskela T., Lakkala K., den Outer P.N., Smedley A.R.D., Slaper H., and Webb A.R. (2009) The PROMOTE UV Record: Toward a Global Satellite-Based Climatology of Surface Ultraviolet Irradiance. IEEE J Earth Obs Remote Sens, 2(3), 207-212.
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  • Smedley A. R. D., Webb A. R., and Wilkins A. J. (2009) Potential of wind turbines to cause epilepsy under different meteorological conditions. Epilepsia DOI: 10.1111/j.1528-1167.2009.02402.x.
  • Pissulla D., Seckmeyer G., Cordero R.R., Blumthaler M., Schallhart B., Webb A., Kift R., Smedley A., Bais A.F., Kouremeti N., Cede A., Herman J., Kowalewski M. (2009) Comparison of atmospheric spectral radiance measurements from five independently calibrated systems. Photochem Photobiol Sci 8, 516–527.
  • Smedley A. R. D., Webb A. R., and Saunders C. P. R. (2007) Application of a diode array spectroradiometer to measuring the spectral scattering properties of cloud types in a laboratory. Atmos Chem Phys 7, 5803-5813, 2007.
  • Ling T. C., Richards H. L., Janssens A. S., Anastassopoulou L., Antoniou C., Aubin F., Diepgen T. L., Fazakerley R., de Gruijl F. R., Jansen C. T., Pavel S., Smedley A., Stratigos A. J., Webb A. R., Gibbs N. K., and Rhodes L. E. (2006) Seasonal and latitudinal impact of polymorphic light eruption on quality of life Journal of Investigative Dermatology 126(7), 1648-1651
  • Smedley A. R. D., Saunders C. P. R., and Webb A. R. (2003) Small-particle size determination by optical array probe oversampling Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 20(11), 1568-1575

Recent and forthcoming publications