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Dr Ann Webb

Dr Ann Webb


BSc Physics and Meteorology (Reading), PhD Solar ultraviolet radiation and vitamin D synthesis in man (Nottingham), DSc (UMIST)

Room Number: 3.15 [Simon Building]
Tel: +44 (0)161 306 3917
Email: ann.webb@manchester.ac.uk




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Recent and forthcoming publications

Andrew RD Smedley, John S Rimmer, David Moore, Ralf Toumi, and Ann R Webb (2011) Total ozone and surface UV trends in the United Kingdom: 1979 to 2008 .I.J Clim. (Online Jan 2011)

Smith, C. L., Webb, A., Levermore, G. J., Lindley, S. J., Beswick, K., Fine scale spatial temperature patterns across a UK conurbation. (in press)