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Dr Mark Barley

Dr Mark Barley


MA Natural Sciences (Cambridge), PhD Electron transfer in ruthenium porphyrins (University of British Columbia, Canada)

Room Number: 3.16 [Simon Building]
Tel: +44 (0)161 306 3911
Email: mark.barley@manchester.ac.uk


Professional biography

I come to my present role after 18 years with ICI. During the 90's I was extensively involved with the development of the new ozone friendly refrigerants (hydrofluorocarbons) which ICI manufactured and marketed. My role was as a physical properties and thermodynamics specialist providing:- 1) data to engineers to enable them to design their plants: and 2) datasheets and tables to the marketing function which were then provided to refrigeration engineers to aid their company's transition to using the new refrigerants. During the late 90's ICI bought Quest fragrances from Unilever and for the next several years I was involved in the physical chemical modelling of perfumes and their interactions with surfactants. I also have experience in project management in both modelling projects and experimental programs including projects using high throughput technologies. In this last area I also gained experience in data analysis techniques (including neural networks and genetic algorithms) and statistical experimental design.

Specific research interests

Partitioning of organic compounds into atmospheric aerosols