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Dr Jennifer Muller

Dr Jennifer Muller

Research Associate

BSc Environmental Science of the Earth and Atmosphere (Reading, 2003), PhD Ozone flux measurements in the surface layer (Manchester, 2010)

Room Number: 4.35 [Simon Building]
Tel: +44 (0)161 275 4347
Email: jennifer.muller@manchester.ac.uk


Professional biography

I am currently working on the MAMM project ("Methane and other greenhouse gases in the Arctic - Measurements, process studies & Modelling"), making airborne methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) measurements using quantum cascade laser absorption spectrometry (QCL).

More details on MAMM here: http://www.faam.ac.uk/index.php/current-future-campaigns/354-mamm-methane-mapping

and here: http://www.arctic.ac.uk/mamm/

From 2010-2011 I worked on the RONOCO project, which investigated the role of nighttime chemistry in controlling the oxidising capacity of the atmosphere. Find some more details here:


I am also part of a team of researchers who produce a regular podcast about the exciting world of weather, climate and atmospheric science! The Barometer podcast is free to download and can be found here:


Specific research interests

instrumentation, quantum cascade laser absorption spectrometry, chemiluminescence, surface acoustic wave sensors, chemical ionisation mass spectrometry, ozone, methane, nitrous oxide, organic acids, nitric acid, surface-atmosphere exchange


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