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Mr Mohamed Ghalaieny

Mr Mohamed Ghalaieny

Lab and field studies of the kinetics and composition of atmospheric reactive Nitrogen and Volatile Organic Compounds

BSc Environmental Science (Manchester) 2007

Room Number: G.01 [Simon Building]

Tel: +44 (0)161 275 4347

Email: mohamed.ghalaieny@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk

Fax: +44 (0) 161 306 9361


Project Overview


  • Field characterisation of a novel chemical ionisation mass spectrometer (CIMS) in an ammonia measurement intercomparision at an agricultural site near Edinburgh.
  • Measurements of the kinetics of non-biogenic (terminal and chlorinated) and biogenic (sesquiterpenes) alkene ozonolysis rate coefficients employing the EXTRA chamber and a GC-FID.
  • Measurements of the formic acid yield from the ozonolysis of isoprene using CIMS
  • Charecterising the kinetics of trace gas adsorption onto common inlet materials used in field measuremets.                    

Project Supervisor(s)


Ghalaieny M., Bacak A., McGillen M, Martin D., Knights A.V., O’Doherty S., Shallcross D.E., Percival C.J., 2012. Determination of gas-phase ozonolysis rate coefficients of a number of sesquiterpenes at elevated temperatures using the relative rate method. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics accepted March 2012. 

McGillen M.R., Ghalaieny M., Percival C.J., 2011. Determination of gas-phase ozonolysis rate coefficients of C(8-14) terminal alkenes at elevated temperatures using the relative rate method. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13, 10965-10969. 

Leather K.E., McGillen M.R., Ghalaieny M., Shallcross D.E., Percival C.J., 2011. Temperature-dependent kinetics for the ozonolysis of selected chlorinated alkenes in the gas phase. International Journal of Chemical Kinetics 43, 120-129.

Von Bobrutzki K., Braban C.F, Famulari D., Jones S.K., Blackall T., Smith T.E.L, Blom M., Coe H., Geddes J., Gallagher M., Ghalaieny M., Mcgillen M.R., Percival C.J., Whitehead J.D., Ellis R., Murphey J., Mohacsi A., Pogany A., Junninen H, Rantanen S., Sutton M.A., Nemitz E. 2010. Field Inter-comparison of eleven atmospheric ammonia measurement techniques. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 3, 91-112.

Recent and forthcoming publications

Ghalaieny M., Bacak A., Percival C.J., In prep. Flow-tube kinetic studies to characterise inlet materials used in CIMS field and laboratory measurements. To be submitted to Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 

Ghalaieny M., Bacak A., Leather K.E., Muller J., Bannan T., Xiao P., Martin D., Shallcross D.E., Percival C.J, In prep. Acid-yield measurements and product studies of gas-phase ozonolysis of isoprene as a function of humidity using chemical ionisation mass spectrometry (CIMS). To be submitted to Atmospheric Environment.