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Centre for Atmospheric Science

The National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS)


The Centre for Atmospheric Science at the Univeristy of Manchester hosts a number of instruments and staff members supported by the National Centre for Atmospheric Science. We also make extensive use of the NCAS Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurement (FAAM), operating several instruments on this platform. Details of our NCAS related / supported activities and facilities can be found under the following headings:

Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurement (FAAM)

Atmospheric Measurement Facility (AMF)

NCAS Composition

NCAS Weather

NCAS itself is a Natural Environment Research Council supported centre which carries out research programmes on: The science of climate change, including modelling and predictions; Atmospheric composition, including air quality; Weather, including hazardous weather; and Technologies for observing and modelling the atmosphere. Additionally NCAS supports facilities and staff at several universities and makes these facilities and expertise available to the wider scientific community within the UK. Further information about NCAS research, facilities and expertise can be found on the NCAS Website.