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CAS Seminars 2009

CAS Seminars 2007

Royal Met Soc Meetings


CAS Seminars 2009

15.01.2009 Geraint Vaughan: Dynamics and remote sensing research in SEAES

22.01.2009 Carl Percival: An overview of research...

29.01.2009 Mark Barley: A methodology for modelling the chemical composition of secondary organic aerosol (SOA)

05.02.2009 Jamie Whitehead: Aerosol fluxes and dynamics within and above a tropical rainforest in South-East Asia

12.02.2009 Gavin McMeeking: Relating biomass burning aerosol optical, chemical, and hygroscopic properties to fire behavior

19.02.2009 Rami Alfarra: Chamber studies of the formation and transformation of biogenic organic aerosols

26.02.2009 Murray Booth: The Lab is more comfortable than the jungle: Laboratory based measurement and prediction of aerosol-relevant physical parameters

05.03.2009 Andrew Smedley: Modelling UVC radiative transfer in the troposphere

12.03.2009 Bee Kiat Tay: Modelling Aerosol Dispersion and Processes in Urban Street Canyons

19.03.2009 Will Morgan: Spatial Distribution of Aerosol Chemical Composition across Western Europe and its Resultant Impacts

26.03.2009 Paul Connolly: Measurements and Modelling of Ice Clouds

02.04.2009 Jennifer Muller: Ozone flux measurements by eddy covariance

09.04.2009 Dave Topping: Representing detailed processes in large scale models

16.04.2009 Niall Robinson: Chemical composition of atmospheric aerosols above a South-East Asian rainforest

23.04.2009 Jonny Crosier: Aerosol Cloud Interactions: Parcel Model Studies

30.04.2009 Andy Gabey: The problem with PBAP

07.05.2009 Hugh Coe: Aerosol particle properties and processes – a field measurement perspective

14.05.2009 William Heyes: The composition of the TTL above Darwin: local mixing or long-range transport?

20.05.2009 Nicholas Good: Measurements and modelling studies of aerosol hygroscopicity

27.05.2009 Max McGillen: Early results from the EXTreme RAnge (EXTRA) chamber

12.06.2009 Lorenzo Labrador: Lightning-Produced nitrogen oxides in the tropics: Results from the Aerosol and chemical transport in tropical convection (ACTIVE) field campaign

18.06.2009 Anna Leavey: Ultrafine particle number concentrations and horizontal profiling of main roads in South Manchester

25.06.2009 Grant Allen: First results from VOCALS - Why is marine stratocumulus important?

02.07.2009 Sumaman Buntonung: An empirical model for estimating erythemal ultraviolet irradiance from satellite retrieval for clear sky conditions

09.07.2009 John Cardwell: Modelling of an isolated thunderstorm from COPS 2007

16.07.2009 Chris Emersic: Investigations into thunderstorm electrification processes

22.07.2009 Dantong Liu: Characterisation of atmospheric soot using a single particle incandescence technique: instrument development, data analysis and results

30.07.2009 David lary, NASA Goddard: Computation Facilitating Insight: From autonomous observation to artificial intelligence

05.08.2009 Gerard Capes: Ageing of biomass burning aerosols, and formation of secondary organic aerosols over West Africa

3.9.2009 Keith Bower: APPRAISE-Clouds - Investigations of cloud-aerosol interactions in mixed phase boundary layer and frontal clouds

10.9.2009 Christopher Dearden: Quantifying the benefits of complexity in bulk microphysics schemes using a 1-D dynamical framework

16.9.2009 Asan Bacak: Identifying and characterizing atmospheric aerosol composition in the high arctic using an aerosol mass spectrometer and a modelling study to validate possible transport routes of atmospheric pollutants with flexpart and flextra

23.9.2009 Gordon McFiggans: Coupled model and measurement studies of atmospheric aerosol

1.10.2009 James Allan: Quantifying primary sources of organic aerosols in urban environments

8.10.2009 Andrew Russell: From CSIP to COPS - why are we interested in convective inhibition?

15.10.2009 Ruth Wamsley: Infrared spectroscopic studies of stilbene ozonolysis in solution and in aerosol flow tube

22.10.2009 Wilawan Kumharn: A new approach to Aerosol Size Distribution: a study using a UK based Brewer Spectrophotometer

28.10.2009 Martin Irwin: Linking the HTDMA to the CCN in one easy step

5.11.2009 Peter Cook: Details of cloud fields from the Met Office Large Eddy Model during VOCALS-UK

12.11.2009 Hugo Ricketts: Lidars of Manchester - What goes up can come down

19.11.2009 David Waddicor: Aerosol measurements during the ACTIVE campaign

26.11.2009 Ann Webb: Mirror, mirror, on the floor

3.12.2009 Christopher Lee: Use of Wind Profilers to Quantify Atmospheric Turbulence

9.12.2009 Claire Martin: Aerosols in Manchester, and other stories


CAS Seminars 2007

20th June 2007: Atmospheric Aerosol Measurements
Darrel Baumgardner

6th June 2007: Atmospheric Aerosol Measurement from Airborne Platforms
Will Morgan

31st May 2007: Mammatus
Prof. David Schultz

30th May 2007:
James Dorsey

23rd May 2007: Predicting the rate of alkene ozonolysis in the gas-phase using a novel structure-activity relationship
Max McGillen

9th May 2007: Urban Particle Emission Fluxes from London, Manchester and Edinburgh
Claire Martin

15th April 2007: Kinetic Study of Oleic Acid Ozonolysis
Ruth Wamsley

Soot in the Atmosphere
Dantong Liu

Modelling the Transport of Aerosols in the Urban Environment
Bee Tay

18th April 2007: Using a new technique to determine aerosol optical depth in Manchester
Wilawan Kumharn

Comparative Investigation of Erythemal Ultraviolet Radiation in the Tropics and mid-latitudes
Sumaman Buntoung


Royal Met Soc Meetings

Tuesday 29th January 2008: Extreme Events
Prof. Chris Collier (University of Salford)
Mr Edward Heyes (RMetS local centre member)

Tuesday 4th December 2007: Transport, Weather and Climate
Prof. Callum Thomas (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Dr. Lee Chapman (University of Birmingham)

Tuesday 30th October 2007: Weather and Climate Modelling
Dr. Sylvia Knight (RMetS)
Prof. Peter Lynch (University College Dublin)
Dr. Richard Forbes (JCMM, Met Office)

Tuesday 24th April 2007: Postgraduate Research Presentations
Graham Hall (University of Bangor)
Daniel Kingston (University of Birmingham)
Curtis Wood (University of Reading)
Caroline Bain (University of Leeds)

Tuesday 27th February 2007: Observing and Understanding Clouds
Dr. Andrew Russell and Hugo Ricketts (University of Manchester)
Prof. Alan Blyth (University of Leeds)
Prof. Chris Collier (University of Salford)

Tuesday 30th January 2007: The Future Climate of the UK
Prof. Paul Hardaker (Cheif Executive of RMetS)
Dr. Kevin Anderson (University of Manchester, Director of the Tyndall Centre North)

28th November 2006: Meteorology and Health
Dr. Rob Kinnersley (Environment Agency)
Dr. Ian Longley (University of Manchester)
Prof. Glenn McGregor (King’s College London)

31st October 2006: Thunderstorms
Prof. Keith Browning (University of Reading)
Prof. Geraint Vaughan (University of Manchester)
Dr. Clive Saunders (University of Manchester)